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A Good Idea Becomes Epic Through Collaboration.

We work very closely with our customers, integrating technology that we develop, in-house. We put our customers in a
unique position to leverage what we call 'best in the world' and 'World Class' technology and capabilities.

Our sweet spot is in development, we collaborate with customers to do both the 5 month and 5 year out engineering and design.

At METEM, our work is not finished until you get a manufacturable solution and we deliver products in production.
Because we manufacture the final product, often in new territories, it forces us to be very innovative, yet practical.

METEM engineers territories we haven’t been in before, but know that we are the ones
manufacturing the final product, forcing us to be very practical.

“Where we really pride ourselves is being a contributor upfront in our customers development, we like to get involved
early on the design process, testing things ahead of time, to establish clear parameters for the customer to design around.”

— METEM, Head Engineer

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