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About Us

We are one of the largest high-volume machining companies in the world
offering integration of EDM, ECM, stem and conventional machining.


METEM has 50+ years of experience of crafting innovative, world-class solutions for clients
that have relied on our expertise and work ethic to turn seemingly unsolvable roadblocks
into paths that lead directly to re-imagining the technology of the future.

  • Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)

  • Electro-Chemical machining (ECM)

  • Shaped Tube Electrolytic
    Machining (STEM)

  • Conventional Machining
    and Assemblies

  • Engineering and Research

  • Tooling Development

Over 60 Years of Innovation

“Metem is proud of the strong relationships with our customers –

many long-standing for more than 50 years. The continued trust by some of the world’s foremost corporations is unusual in business today. I believe it speaks to our integrity, and quality, our service and exclusive product line.” 
- Val Goldthwaite

Since 1962, Metem has been a leader
in precision nontraditional machining of high-temperature and abrasion-resistant super-alloys.

Today, Metem is one of the largest nontraditional machining corporations
in the world. We offer comprehensive integration of ECM, STEM, EDM and traditional metalworking.


What We Do

Who We Are


1962 - Metem was founded East Hanover, New Jersey

1964 - Metem markets a line of Electric Discharge Machining accessories

1966 – Metem starts production drilling of cooling holes for GE Aviation

1969 – Metem starts Electrical Discharge Machining of Industrial Gas Turbine hot section parts

1970 – Metem patents “MetFan” Electro Chemical Machining process for gas turbine compressor blades

1971 – Metem starts Electro Chemical Drilling of Industrial Gas Turbine buckets (blades) for GE Gas Turbines

1972 – Metem under the name Tech/Nautic Corporation produces marine internal combustion engines

1976 – Metem uses Electro Chemical Machining to produce Hip implants for the medical industry

1988 – Metem starts production of Turbulated cooling holes for industrial gas turbine blades

1992 – Metem open 2nd manufacturing plant in Allentown, PA

2005 – Metem opens 3rd manufacturing plant in Szazhalombatta, Hungary

2012 – Metem celebrates its 50th anniversary

2012 – Metem awarded USA, Canadian and European patents from drilling of ceramic coatings for turbine blades

2016 – Metem is purchased by GE

2017 – Metem machines cooling holes for the world’s largest industrial gas turbine blade in production








METEM Corporation has facilities globally that innovate, drill, and machine precise cooling holes and other advanced features into hard super-alloy turbine components using sophisticated machining processes. The processes range from EDM to STEM drilling and other ECM applications with a suite of supporting capabilities that includes CNC Milling and part assemblies.

Founded in 1962 by duVal Goldthwaite, METEM has pioneered many advanced applications in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM), Shaped Tube Electrolyte Machining (STEM), and Metem's latest patented Drill-thru-TBC Coating (DTC) technology for use on super-alloy parts to develop complex cooling hole patterns.

METEM is a fully modern organization that knows that a focused product comes from concise systems that plan for the long-term.



Culture & Practice



Parsippany, NJ
  • 4090 sq m (44,000 sq ft)

  • Corporate Headquarters

  • STEM, EDM, Wire EDM, FHD,
    & Conventional machining

  • Industrial Gas Turbine Production

  • 112 Employees - Two 10hr shifts

Our Facilities

Allentown, PA
  • 3440 sq m (37,000 sq ft) 

  • STEM, Capillary Drill, Electro-stream, EDM, Wire EDM, FHD, & Conventional machining

  • Aerospace, IGT and
    Automotive Production

  • 38 Employees - Two 10hr shifts

Budapest, Hungary
  • 1765 sq m (19,000 sq ft)

  • STEM, EDM, &
    Conventional machining

  • 12 Employees

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