Metem Corporation has facilities globally that innovate, drill, and machine precise cooling holes and other advanced features into hard super-alloy turbine components using sophisticated machining processes.  The processes range from EDM to STEM drilling and other ECM applications with a suite of supporting capabilities that includes CNC Milling and part assemblies.  Through these fully-integrated diverse capabilities, Metem offers the flexibility to machine engine-ready components globally in high volumes.
Metem applies its technical expertise and world-class manufacturing capabilities to these turbine engine components:
  • Blades or Buckets
  • Vanes or Nozzles
  • Ring Segments or Shrouds
  • Combustion Components
Metem has a dedicated R&D center in Manasquan, New Jersey that focuses on advanced research and testing on current and newer processes as well as commercializing and prototyping of future technologies like DTC (Metem's new patented Drill-thru-TBC Coating process).

Metem has also formed a technology partnership with the world's leading ECM R&D company; ECM Technologies LLC located in the Netherlands.  This grants Metem the ability to enhance its R&D capabilities and further expand its comprehensive suite of services to include ECM machining.  With its unparalleled material removal rates when machining super-alloys, this allows for sophisticated machining, polishing, and finishing of pockets, surfaces, and other plunge features.

Metem also provides engineering and repair services for gas turbine original equipment manufacturers.
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